Lindsay Roche CEng FNucI

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 I have been a YGN Company Champion and it is great to support young people in developing their careers. 

Current Employer: Morgan Sindall


I am a Chartered Engineer (CEng) and a Fellow of the Nuclear Institute (FNucI). Currently, I work at Morgan Sindall Infrastructure, where I hold the position of Business Development Director. In this role, I am responsible for delivering our company's ambitious growth plans within the UK nuclear industry.

Route into nuclear

My journey into the nuclear sector started after graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Even during my university years, I was deeply fascinated by nuclear energy and its immense potential. This passion led me to secure a graduate engineer position with BNFL (British Nuclear Fuels Limited), which opened the doors to various roles related to nuclear fuel manufacturing for AGR (Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors) and PWR (Pressurised Water Reactors) reactors in the UK.

Professional Membership

For me, professional membership and accreditations hold great significance. They recognise the contributions I've made throughout my career, and more importantly, they emphasise the value of fostering and supporting the growth of future nuclear professionals.

Nuclear professionalism

It means being recognised for your valuable contribution to society through your qualifications and experience. Getting real insights through the Nuclear Future journal, and honestly being exposed to the various networks across the country. 

Application Process

The application process for joining the Nuclear Institute was straightforward, and I would encourage aspiring professionals to seek advice from those who have already gone through the process. The nuclear community is known for being supportive, and there's always a willingness to help newcomers in the industry.

The future
As for what's next for me, I've recently begun a new chapter in my career with Morgan Sindall Infrastructure. It's an exciting opportunity to apply my years of experience to a different aspect of the nuclear sector. Simultaneously, I am eager to learn about the delivery of critical infrastructure in other sectors and explore how these principles can be applied to new nuclear facilities.