Jean Isherwood


 I have offered to help the NI with membership applications from those with non-technical roles and backgrounds. I am also keen to promote awareness of the Nuclear Delta within such roles and happy to help review suitable training and CPD designed for this purpose.

Current Employer: ITI Operations Limited


Jean Isherwood BA (Hons) FNucI MCIM CF APMP  

As a Proposals Manager, I manage technical, tender submissions for multi-million-pound nuclear engineering projects for nuclear and defence major clients. This involves working with our engineering teams and other key company stake holders to evaluate customer requirements, and to prepare responses and quotations for safe, cost-effective technical solutions 

Route into nuclear
Following a successful career in product management, leading to chartership in Marketing, I moved into a sales-focused role in aerospace on my way to the nuclear industry.  

With transferable skills, from marketing to bidding, I quickly progressed to Proposals Manager. Having worked for several nuclear supply chain companies, I developed a deeper knowledge of the industry and formed a solid network of contacts. This included working closely with organisations such as NSAN, volunteering on their supply chain advisory board and assisting with the development of the NS4P skills database and recently relaunched as Skills Assured 

Professional Membership

Being one of a small number of women working in the nuclear sector in my company, I first joined Women in Nuclear as it was important to support each other and to reach out to other women working in the industry. This led me to join the Nuclear Institute to again be part of the wider community.

Professional membership demonstrates a commitment to the industry and offers individuals a range of benefits; offering advancement through training and CPD, events and networking opportunities and the chance to share and communicate via Nuclear Future and other channels

Nuclear professionalism
Having been accepted as a Fellow of the NI is a great personal achievement for me and has contributed to my recognition as a nuclear industry specialist within my own company. This gives me a platform to advise and steer best practices within the organisation 

Application Process
For me, the process was challenging. As I operate in a non-technical arena, there were aspects of the nuclear delta that were tough to demonstrate. However, it is important for the industry to recognise that non-technical functions are a key contributor to the sector– supporting all levels of engineering and science-based roles. It is great to see this is now being recognised by the NI.   

The future
My company, alongside many of our competitors, is very busy bidding for work, so it is more of the same for me. This is an exciting time to be part of a dynamic and revitalised industry with great opportunities for company growth and personal development, so lots to do!