Apprenticeships in the Nuclear Industry

Building tomorrow's nuclear workforce

Apprenticeships are critical to meeting the future skills needs of the nuclear industry for the nuclear new build programme, as well as long term decommissioning. The industry's Nuclear Workforce Assessment 2017 has forecast a requirement of over 100,000 people by the early 2020s to meet industry needs. Thousands more workers will be needed in all areas, from construction through to mechanical and electrical engineering and specialist skills. These people need to be trained to the high standards required by the nuclear industry. 

Employers are seeking to leverage the new apprencticeship frameworks and levy, introduced by the Government, and which came into effect in 2017. With exciting developments in this area, including the introduction of Trailblazers and the expansion of Higher Apprenticeships, now more than ever it is key to demonstrate the links between apprentices and nuclear professionalism. Employers want their apprentices to be 'nuclear fit' and are looking to the Nuclear Institute and related nuclear skills bodies for assistance. The Nuclear Institute and the National Skills Academy for Nuclear (NSAN) are working closely together to support the industry, to ensure that professional standards and approval processes are in place.

Joint Programme Approval with the National Skills Academy for Nuclear (NSAN) 
Recognising the importance of developing, maintaining and recognising high standards of nuclear professional practice in the sector, the Nuclear Institute has formed a close collaboration with employer membership body NSAN. Through this collaboration the Nuclear Institute's Nuclear Delta® standard is applied to both Nuclear Institute professional body membership and to joint NI/NSAN approval of training and professional development programmes, including apprenticeships. By applying a common, independently defined standard (the Nuclear Delta®) to programme approval and to individual professional recognition, we are enabling a shared, sector wide framework for developing nuclear professionalism. This can be applied at an organisational and individual level.

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