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The Nuclear Institute And Nuclear Professionalism

The ONR Report on the 'Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami - Implementing the lessons for the UK's nuclear industry', highlighted a number of recommendations for the nuclear industry in the UK.  Of particular importance for the skills for nuclear agenda was recommendation eleven…

‘The UK nuclear industry should continue to promote sustained high levels of safety culture amongst all its employees, making use of the National Skills Academy for Nuclear and other schemes that promote nuclear professionalism.’

This post Fukushima drive towards Nuclear Professionalism resulted in a close collaboration between the National Skills Academy for Nuclear, (the nuclear industry’s lead strategic skills body) and the Nuclear Institute (as the professional body and learned society for nuclear).

In autumn 2012, we began a joint project to develop an accreditation system of professional development and the approval of apprenticeship schemes against the Nuclear Delta®.

The Nuclear Delta® was defined by the Nuclear Institute and sets out the competences and behaviours which differentiate a nuclear professional from professionals in other fields, specifically including safety culture and nuclear safety and security.

Recognising the importance of developing, maintaining and recognising high standards of nuclear professional practice in the sector, the NI have formed a close collaboration with employer membership body NSA Nuclear.  Through this collaboration the Nuclear Delta® is applied to both Nuclear Institute professional body membership and to joint NI/ NSA Nuclear approval of training and professional development programmes, including apprenticeships.

Read more about the process and approved schemes

We believe that it is vital to instil an enhanced sense of 'nuclear professionalism' as part of a wider approach to promoting high levels of nuclear safety culture in all those who work in the nuclear sector. This applies especially with the entry of new corporate players and increasing numbers of new recruits coming into the UK nuclear industry.

Paragraph 816, page 150, Japanese earthquake and tsunami: Implications for the UK nuclear industry. Final Report, HM Chief Inspector of Nuclear Installations; September 2011

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