Net Zero Needs Nuclear

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We need your help!

Here at the UK YGN, we are excited to launch our new international #NetZeroNeedsNuclear campaign which includes our new website where we’ve combined all of the ways you can support: 

This year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow represents a critical opportunity for our nations to come together and take action, collectively changing the way we think about climate change and setting us on the path towards achieving Net Zero.

We are a group of young, international volunteers made up of engineers, scientists and communicators, who are passionate about saving our planet. We have a vision of a clean, sustainable and abundant low-carbon future for all and our mission is to accelerate the ability of the world to achieve Net Zero by 2050, by driving collaboration between nuclear and renewable technology.

Net Zero Needs Nuclear, so we are launching a coordinated campaign of activities and communications in the build up to, and at COP26, with the following objectives:

  1. Promoting and raising awareness of nuclear as a low-carbon energy source;
  2. Driving support for nuclear as a key part of our path to Net Zero; 
  3. Influencing policy makers who are involved in COP26 to take a scientific and technology neutral approach to energy policy and financing; and
  4. Envisioning sustainable collaboration between nuclear and renewables.

Social Media

To create some buzz about our campaign, we want to get as many people as possible involved via social media. Here’s how you can help:

  • Take a short video (up to 20 seconds) of yourself answering the prompt “Net Zero Needs Nuclear because ___” or take a selfie with our #NetZeroNeedsNuclear posters. Get creative by filming outside, getting your family involved! It doesn’t need to be fancy – it just needs to be authentic. You can even write your own messages on the poster. A few key words we encourage using include: 'environment, planet, sustainable, clean, our future, youth'. See our position paper for more inspiration.
  • Use the social media template and include your photo along with a short write-up of why Net Zero Needs Nuclear.
  • Update your Facebook profile picture with our frame - on Facebook click update profile pic > add frame > and type ' Net Zero Needs Nuclear' and the blue circle should pop up which you can use. You can download this for use on other platforms. The frame is also downloadable below for those without Facebook.

Download all the materials you need below:

Posters       Social Media Template       Social Media Frame

You can see some examples of the above we prepared earlier on the website!

However you choose to get involved on social media, remember to tag the UK YGN (TwitterLinkedInInstagramFacebook). You can also share our latest messages on there! Additional hashtags to gain attention include #NetZeroNeedsNuclear #ClimateChange #COP26 #UnitedNations #Nuclear #Nuclear4Climate #NetZero #NetZeroEnergy #LowCarbon #ConferenceOfTheParties #NuclearEnergy #NuclearPower #Renewables #RenewableEnergy #ClimateAction #Environment #Energy #ProtectOurPlanet #TogetherforourPlanet

We need as much support as possible so please share far and wide. Our futures are at stake!