Introduction to the UK EPR Design Centre for Nuclear New Build Projects

175 Introduction to the UK EPR Design Centre for Nuclear New Build Projects

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The Nuclear Institute is excited to host a talk by Tilly Spencer and Nicolas Courade about Edvance UK, the UK EPR Design Center and their ongoing ‘Engineering Transformation’. The webinar will include a presentation from three young generation engineers working within the Systems, Piping and Layout teams at Edvance UK who will share their insights and experiences with the Hinkley Point C project so far. 

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What is the UK EPR Design Centre?

The UK EPR Design Centre further develops EDF’s nuclear expertise in Britain with a centre where leading companies can come together with EDF to support Hinkley Point C and other UK EPR projects in their design, build and commissioning. Led by EDF’s new nuclear engineering division (DIPNN UK) and Edvance UK, the Centre is based in Aztec West, Bristol. Around 700 people from different companies will be employed there by 2021, bringing an additional 300 jobs to Britain to support HPC and SZC’s design, construction and commissioning. The UK EPR being built at HPC is the version of the EPR nuclear reactor adapted to meet British regulatory requirements. 

Why is this being introduced?

Experience from the successful construction of two EPR reactors at Taishan showed the value of having engineering design teams located close by. The UK EPR Design Centre will enable engineering issues to be resolved quickly by engineers who are able to be on site or get there easily. British and international nuclear design engineers will be together in one collaborative space, in-line with EDF’s objective to build, maintain and protect British-based nuclear capacity in design, supply, operations and decommissioning. The Centre is being opened at the right time to support the next phase of construction at HPC.


 Tilly Spencer    Edvance UK Director
 Nicolas Courade     Edvance UK Head of Site Support

 Adrian Stefan    Diesel Building Layout Lead Engineer
Harry Holland   Technical Lead for Fluid & Distribution Systems
Jessica Birtley   Radwaste Building Piping Calculation Engineer & Coordinator


Stuart Jelliss & Majed Saiepour

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