Society for the Environment

The Society for the Environment is the body responsible for the registration of environmental professionals.  We are the custodian of the Chartered Environmentalist and Registered Environmental Technician registers, and since 2004 have established a sound platform as the body tasked with championing and registering the expertise of environmental professionals.


Today there are over 7000 Chartered Environmentalists registered, drawn from a range of diverse fields such as engineering, forestry and waste management. For environmental professionals independent of discipline, chartership reflects a high level of skill and experience, setting Chartered Environmentalists apart from others working in their field. It enhances career prospects through establishing proven expertise, experience and commitment to professional standards.

In the UK and across the world, Chartered Environmentalists utilise their specific expertise to lead departments, advise governments and work hands-on as practitioners.


Registered Environmental Technician (REnvTech) is the professional title for environmental technicians. Registered Environmental Technicians come from a broad range of professions across industry, government, education and the public sector. They all have demonstrated they apply sustainable thinking through their working lives and a commitment to environmental best practice.

To gain their registration, individuals have been judged by their peers to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the environment and sustainable management together with their personal commitment to maintaining the required levels of professionalism and their own competence through continued professional development.

Registration sets REnvTechs apart from others working in their field. It establishes proven knowledge, experience and commitment to professional standards, and enhances career prospects.

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