Women in Nuclear Executive Profiles

Our Executive team is made up of people who work across the full spectrum of the nuclear industry. We all contribute in different ways to help achieve WiN UK's aims. 


 Adrienne Kelbie 175x225 bw

Adriènne Kelbie, WiN UK Patron

Chief Executive and Executive
Director of the Officer of Nuclear Regulation


 Jack Gritt 175x225 bw

Jack Gritt, WiN UK President

Performance and Quality
Director, Horizon
Nuclear Power

Fiona Jackson 175x225 bw

Fiona Jackson, Deputy Chair

Head of Strategic Resourcing,
EDF Energy


Loretta Browne 175x225 bw

Loretta Browne, Regional Lead

Business Development Manager, 
Nuclear, Costain


Sara Crane , Dialogue

Media & PR Manager
Nuclear Industry Association


Melissa Denecke 175x225 bw

Melissa Denecke, Attraction

Scientific Director, 
Dalton Nuclear Institute



 Carole Jones 175x225 bw

Carole Jones, Industry Guidance

Head of Modelling and Analysis, 
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

 Meera Kotak 175x225 bw

Meera Kotak, Dialogue

Senior Strategy Consultant,


 Selvin Roberts 175x225 bw

Selvin Roberts, Attraction

Development Director for the National
College for Nuclear and International
Projects Manager with EDF Energy


Gareth Thomas 175x225 bw

Gareth Thomas, Dialogue

Head of Marketing Communications
and Social Media,
National Nuclear Laboratory












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