Useful Resources

In this section you will find other useful resources for the nuclear sector.

List of International Nuclear Organisations

Here you will find a list of some international organisations connected to the nuclear industry; these range from regulators to young generation networks and include the thirty-nine signatories of the Nuclear for Climate Declaration.

The Nuclear for Climate Declaration

On Monday, May 4th, leaders from thirty-nine international nuclear societies, including the Nuclear Institute, gathered in Nice, France, to sign the Nuclear for Climate Declaration and pledge their commitment to continue the fight against climate change. 


IAEA E-Learning Modules

The IAEA has created an interactive e-learning series explaining the IAEA’s Milestones Approach to introducing a nuclear power programme. This approach is based on three phases and covers the 19 infrastructure issues that need to be addressed, and brings decades of expertise to life. Both newcomers and those expanding their nuclear power programmes may benefit from the e-learning series.

Nuclear Glossary

Nuclear can be an acronym heavy industry as people who claim to have very little time to spare spend inordinate amounts of time thinking up punchy abbreviations for titles and jargon. The kind people at Burges Salmon LLP have put together a glossary to help you tell the NI (that’s us) from an NI (not us) and then added some definitions to help explain tricky longer titles should you still be stumped.

Public Consultations

The Nuclear Institute acts as the independent voice for professionals within the nuclear industry and frequently offers advice in public consultations with government.

The Nuclear Quality Knowledge Guide (NQK)

The Nuclear Quality Knowledge is a nuclear industry guidance document that has been written by the Chartered Quality Institute.

It is aimed at a quality professional who has joined the nuclear sector, possibly working for a nuclear site licence company, nuclear construction company, or indeed any company supporting the nuclear industry from the supply chain.

Download a copy of the NQK