The Nuclear Delta

SNuclear Delta new graphic white bgetting the standard for the industry – the Nuclear Delta®

With the nuclear industry set to double its workforce over the next decade, there has never been a more important time to ensure professionalism across the sector. Many more “nuclear fit” employees will be required to meet needs of the nuclear new build programme and the long-term demands of operations and decommissioning.

The nuclear industry expects people who work in the sector to understand nuclear specific standards and requirements, especially the importance of nuclear safety culture, nuclear security culture and nuclear technology and safety. The industry needs individuals who can develop and grow and who want to follow a recognised career pathway and route to professional accreditation. 

The Nuclear Institute, as the professional learned society for the nuclear industry, is committed to meeting these needs and building professionalism across the industry. To this end we developed the Nuclear Delta® which provides clear standards and measures to support nuclear professionalism. We use this standard as the benchmark to assess nuclear professionals and to drive professionalism at all levels. Achieving the requirements of the Nuclear Delta® is central to professional membership and accreditation by the Nuclear Institute.

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