Volunteer Assessors

NI membership growth drives demand for volunteer assessors

Really great news!  NI membership numbers are up and applications for our professional Member (MNucI) and Fellow (FNucI) grades are increasing month-on-month.

In part, this growth is being driven by organisations partnering with the NI through our unique Company Membership Schemes (CMS), to support membership for their nuclear facing teams. To date, eighteen organisations have established a CMS and are supporting their staff to gain recognition as independently verified nuclear professionals.

Through a combination of introductory briefings, evidence workshops and assessor feedback, CMS participants are supported every step of the way as they plan and prepare their applications.  This partnership approach is developing greater awareness and understanding of professional standards relating to nuclear safety, security and technology in the workplace.

This, in turn, means the NI is receiving many more high-quality membership applications from nuclear professionals in a wide range of disciplines, including: engineering, science and environmental professionals; security specialists; project managers; quality managers and auditors; HR and training professionals; conventional Health and Safety specialists; marketing and communications officers, finance managers, among others. 

With inputs from their employer and the NI, participants are able to quickly identify and produce evidence to demonstrate how their work activities, actions and behaviours address the Nuclear Delta®. 

Professionals across diverse disciplines are, for the first time, identifying and demonstrating how they meet a common, independent standard of nuclear professionalism.  For participating CMS organisations, this helps demonstrate the professional standards achieved and maintained by their teams and individual employees.

To keep pace with the increasing number and diversity of applications we are seeking further NI Members/volunteers to train as NI Membership Assessors.

We welcome interest from the full range of professional disciplines employed in nuclear, including non-science or engineering disciplines.  We are also keen to ensure our team of volunteer assessors reflects the wider NI membership, including increasing the number of female assessors as well as younger ‘YGN eligible’ assessors.

NI Membership Assessors undertake a variety of tasks ranging from desktop review of applications to conducting Professional Review Interviews. This provides flexibility to manage your involvement within the time that you are able to commit.

In 2019, one-day workshops for new assessors are planned in:

16 May 
16 October 
15 May
15 October
North West 
22 May
22 October


If you are interested in training as an NI Membership Assessor and in helping to maintain high standards of nuclear professionalism, please register your interest by email to: membership@nuclearinst.com


NI Membership Assessors - Ensuring High Standards of Nuclear Professionalism

We are seeking volunteers to become NI Membership Assessors.

There are two NI Membership Assessor roles: Our assessors scrutinise applications and interview potential Members and Fellows for election to these professional grades. Their recommendations are put forward to the NI Membership Committee for ratification. Trained assessors are vital to developing and maintaining professionalism across the nuclear sector.

  • Application Assessors
  • Interviewers

As an application Assessor, you'll evaluate the application and supporting documentation, and, if required, refer the candidate for interview for professional grade membership.These roles are not mutually exclusive; once fully trained NI volunteers can alternate between these roles for different applicants.

You'll get full training, developing new skills and a deeper understanding of nuclear professionalism, and you'll become an integral part of our volunteer network.

As our membership community grows we are also seeking volunteers from non-engineering and science backgrounds to train as NI assessors for applicants from a range of other professional disciplines, e.g. procurement, HR, PM, quality, etc.

NI Membership Assessors are typically:
  • established nuclear professionals
  • full professional Members of the NI, or agree to undergo assessment and can collate evidence against the Nuclear Delta® *
  • Engineering or Science Council registered (not essential) **

* Trainee Membership Assessors will not be asked to assess any applicants until achieving Professional Membership of the Institute

**Registered Engineers and Scientists will be supported to undertake further development, including observing and subsequently participating in Professional Review Interviews, in order to assess applicants for inclusion on the Engineering or Science Council Registers.