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Rough Guide to Nuclear Power: the North East YGN

The North East YGN, alongside EDF Hartlepool, hosted the first Rough Guide to Nuclear Power in the North East on 20 November.

Approximately 16 participants attended the visit to the site and heard various presentations, on subjects ranging from the history of nuclear power to the existing technology of the nuclear reactor.

The participants hailed from local companies and institutions, specifically Jacobs, Darchem, Assystem and Durham University. The afternoon began with a few welcome words from the Nuclear Institute (NI) North East chair, Phil Vaughan, and a visit to the power plant simulator. The EDF Hartlepool volunteers then took participants inside the nuclear power plant site to show them around the reactor building and the turbine hall.

After some refreshments, Dave Webster, NI North East secretary, delivered a presentation on the history of nuclear power and how a nuclear reactor worked, as well as the various existing designs and future options for nuclear reactors.

This Rough Guide to Nuclear Power was a great success as the participants were delighted to see what is happening inside a nuclear power plant for real and to receive explanations from EDF staff. The major feedback was that everyone learnt a lot about nuclear power during this event.

The North East YGN is hoping to renew this event in the coming years and is grateful for the support of EDF Hartlepool.

Fanny Fouin is the NI North East YGN representative