Please see below the Nuclear Institute webinar recordings archive. Nuclear Institute webinars explore topical issues that relate to the nuclear industry. If you'd like to present a webinar, or if you have a great idea for a webinar, please get in touch at webinars@nuclearinst.com

2019 Webinars 

 Webinar 1 2019 - Kirsty Gogan- The UK's path to sustainable Nuclear energy

Kirsty is joined by coworker Eric Ingersoll as they discuss the price of nuclear power

2018 Webinars

Webinar 1 2018 - Bernat Cirera (Consultant, Corporate Risk Associates)  Jan 2018
How could a move to Small Modular Reactors affect Nuclear Safety Risk

Webinar 2 2018 - Martin Gregg (Project Manager, Magnox) March 2018
Decommissioning at Hunterston A Site 

Webinar 3 2018 - Roger Clayson (Senior Solicitor, Glaisyers Solicitors LLP) April 2018
Developments in Nuclear Law

Webinar 4 2018 - Dr Ian Scott (Moltex Energy) May 2018
Update on MSR technology 

Webinar 5 2018 - Colin Hunt, Secretary of the Canadian Nuclear Society June 2018
Canada's Nuclear Industry in the 21st Century

Webinar 6 2018 - Nuclear for Climate campaign June 2018
The European Nuclear Socity hosted the Nuclear for Climate campaign webinar. The Nuclear for Climate campaign is the first global grassroots nuclear campaign. Its goal is to make nuclear recognized as part of the solution for climate change.

Webinar 7 2018 - Dr Tim Stone - Making nuclear Britain Great Again

Tim Stone outlines the future for nuclear in the UK in a lecture to Nuclear Institute members entitled ‘Making Nuclear Britain Great Again’. Tim had been awarded Honorary Fellowship of the NI in 2012 and after his lecture, on 19 September, was awarded the Hinton Prize for 2018 from the NI in recognition of his service to the industry.

Webinar 8 2018- Membership Journey With Ross Nuttall

Listen to Ross, Work Engineering co-ordinator from EDF, as he talks about his journey through professional membership and registration.

2017 Archive (oldest to newest) 

 Webinar 1 - Martin Chown (Sellafield)
 Sellafield Ltd and the Supply Chain - Transforming the Way We Work Together

 Webinar 2 - Jonathan Evans (Shared Services Alliance)
 Collaborative Procurement

 Webinar 3 - Sarah Beacock (NI CEO)
 Membership Update and Q&A

 Webinar 4 - Alys Gardner and Mike Roberts (YGN), Eileen Largeggen (ENS), Adrian Davis-Johnston
 YGN, ENYGF, ENS, Innovation in Nuclear

 Webinar 5 - Fiona Jackson (Women in Nuclear UK) 
 Diversity and inclusion in the Nuclear industry

 Webinar 6 - Dr Ian Scott (Moltex Energy) this webinar has been retired at the request of Dr Ian Scott, as he has since presented an updated webinar for us
 Stable Salt Reactors

 Webinar 7 - John Eldridge, (Principal Engineer (Nuclear) Cammell Laird)
 Offsite Construction in the Nuclear Industry - A Challenge, an Opportunity!

Webinar 8 - Louis Plowden Wardlaw (General Counsel & VP - UK Business Development, Terrestrial Energy)
The Business Case for the Integral Molten Salt Reactor

Webinar 9 - Chris Warrick (Communications Director, UK Atomic Energy Authority)
Fusion Power 

Webinar 10 - Dr Roger Howsley (Executive Director, World Institute for Nuclear Security)
Nuclear Security & Professionalism