YGN Chair 2014


YGN Past Chair 2014 - Leanne Hodgson

Leanne Hodgson has been a member of the Nuclear Institute YGN Core Committee since 2008. During this time Leanne has organised the Introduction to Waste Management and Decommissioning event (previously Rough Guide to the Nuclear Industry), the Annual Dinner and has held the position of Communications Officer. Leanne was appointed Vice Chair in 2012 and continued in this role in 2013. Leanne progressed to the role of Chair in 2014. Leanne is now the previous chair and supports the committee with her roles in the organization of events.

 Leanne has worked in the Nuclear Industry since she graduated from Newcastle University with a degree in Human Genetics in 2004. She entered the industry working in the field of radiobiology research, assessing the cytogentic effects of occupational radiation exposure. Subsequently Leanne has worked in Nuclear Safety Case production and in the field of Waste Management and Decommissioning. Leanne has been a member of the Sellafield Decommissioning Strategy and Technical team since 2012.