Why join the Nuclear Institute



  • Access to ‘MyCareerPath’ for tracking and reflecting on your career progress
  • Mentoring towards professional status
  • Peer review and acknowledgement of your expertise
  • Opportunity to gain additional qualifications and registrations
  • Feedback on your CPD


  • Access to a wide range of current and historic technical knowledge in safety, operations, decommissioning, waste, new build and defence
  • Bi-monthly hard copy of Nuclear Future – the only 100% nuclear publication from the only 100% nuclear professional body (saving over £200 on the subscription price)
  • Discounts on events (usually around 20%)
  • Attend regional events on topics of local interest
  • Preferential booking for technical visits
  • Invitations to member-only activities.
  • Webinars


  • Build your own nuclear network – beyond your own company/clients/projects and technical discipline
  • Contribute as a volunteer to your local regional activities including the next generation
  • Membership of YGN (up to age 36) is included
  • Participation in NI Special Interest Groups is free

These are just a few of the personal benefits of NI membership. It is also important to remember that, by being a member, you are contributing to the public benefit that the NI provides as a charity. As well as the many external good works our volunteers undertake in schools, universities, careers fairs etc, we serve the wider public by setting high standards of professional behaviour and achievement that directly contribute to the safety and security of the industry.

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