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Nuclear Safety Manager - Competitive Salary (REF: )

| Finland

General and technical background

The candidate must have technical knowledges in process engineering. Experience in operating plants (not necessarily nuclear plant), usage of operating procedures.

Skills required: 

The candidate must be well-organized and able to handle technical work, manipulating different tools. He or she must have attention to details. He or she should have good written and oral communication skills. He or she also should have strong interpersonal skills, and be very flexible and adaptable in a dynamic project environment.


Capability to understand complex systems. Technical knowledge on Systems and Operation. Background on Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) operation, background on EPR™ would be appreciated, Practical experience with nuclear standards and guides and standards (e.g. YVLs, KTAs, ASN …),

Languages (Level): 

The candidate must be able to speak and write English fluently. It is a strongly desired to also speak French or Finnish


· Drafting of all organizational and operational documents, and update of conventions with third parties

· Preparation of the International Regulatory Review Service of the national regulator by IAEA (processes dealing with operational experience feedback, safety culture and graded approach)

· Justification of the sizing and operability of the emergency plans

· Definition and justification of the trigger criteria leading to the launching of the emergency plans

· Definition of the maintenance requirements of the emergency equipment, and drafting of associated records

· Definition of the training theoretical and practical requirements, and drafting of training materials and final knowledge tests Drafting of the regulatory file of the nuclear safety authority

· Review of nuclear safety related documents submitted by the architect engineer and its contractors during design and construction phases, drafting of related assessment sheets, and technical advice where needed

· Review and assess the risk analysis provided by a nuclear operator to decommission and dismantle a defence nuclear fuel production facility

· Assessment of the operator’s technical studies, reports and calculation sheets

· Improvement of the initial project including further safety requirements

· Preparation of all technical meetings with the experts of the nuclear safety authority’s technical support (fire protection, criticality, radiation protection, containment...)

· Drafting of all technical answers and commitments for each risk

· Drafting of the final decommissioning report 

· Identification of the safety and control systems to be protected from fire for s based on the technical specifications

· Update of the decommissioning and dismantling safety reports of the facilities

· Assessment of the preliminary design of the whole facility (general layout, process, utilities...)

· Review and improvement of the design to comply with the technical specifications and regulatory requirements

· Risk assessment (fire protection, radiation protection, confinement, ventilation, handling, earthquake...)

· Carry out a dosimetry analysis (ALARA) and an environmental analysis (ISO 14001) for the dismantling of a facility

· Optimization of the collective and individual dosimetry of the whole work site

· Optimization of the waste, effluents, and harmful effects of the whole work site on the environment

Closing date: 04 January 2020