Postdocs in Nuclear Energy (PiNE)

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Nuclear Futures, Bangor are pleased to announce that the Postdocs in Nuclear Energy (PiNE) will be held on the 30th of September 2020 using an online webinar platform and led by the Nuclear Futures Institute, Bangor University. This year PINE meeting offers a great opportunity for post-doctoral or equivalent level researchers to spend a day together sharing their scientific work and meeting fellows in order to facilitate collaborative endeavours.

EPSRC updates within the nuclear/energy programme will be highlighted for the young professionals and researchers working on various projects within the nuclear sector. Grants opportunities and the main submission deadlines will be discussed. Potential job offers and advice in navigating an academic career within the nuclear sector will be highlighted.

Please, join us on the 30th of September to learn what else is ongoing in the nuclear research community of the UK today! 

Abstracts are now open until 20th September 2020. For any inquiries please contact Dr. Iuliia Ipatova and Dr. Lee J. Evitts at Please e-mail the attached registration form to including the optional abstract if you would like to present at PINE.

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