Meet the NIWB Team: Simon Briggs

Simon Briggs, Education and Training Representative
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 "I like that everyone has volunteered their own time to
bringexpertise and enthusiasm to improving the NuclearInstitute and its offering to both members and the public."

Simon is the Education and Training (E&T) Representative at NIWB. Since the first day as a NI member Simon got involved in the community and helped to deliver projects such as the recent video with At-Bristol. Simon gives some insight into why he became a member and what he aims to achieve.

Q1. How long you have been an NIWB committee member and what are your responsibilities on the committee?

Joined in October 2015. I am the lead Education and Training (E&T) Representative for the Western Branch and contribute to NI Centre’s E&T Committee.

Q2. Why did you join NIWB committee?

I wanted to develop my skills outside of my workplace and give something back to the nuclear sector. 

Q3. What have you achieved so far or what do you expect to achieve being a committee member? 

I hope to start-up and maintain more E&T activities across the Western region, to reach a wider audience, building these up as the nuclear sector expands in the region. I also want to help improve links with Western nuclear organisations. 

Q4. What was the best thing happened at NIWB?

Being able to attend interesting and informative lectures and events related to the nuclear sector, and to share knowledge and experience across organisations within the sector.

Q5. What are the future prospects for NI? 

The introduction of 25,000 jobs at Hinkley Point C, as a result of the incoming new build, fall into the Western Branch’s region. This will be a great opportunity for the NI WB to play a key part in the NI as a whole, enabling the NI to grow its membership and develop itself as the UK’s prime professional nuclear institution.

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