NE Branch Committee Profile

 James Kenny

James Kenny

Current position Darchem Engineering / Project Engineer

What does you day-to-day job consist in? Liaising with production and the customer to ensure the project goes out on time within budget.

Why did you join the nuclear industry? I started my apprenticeship 8/9 years ago working on nuclear projects and have been involved in various projects along the way from working on the shop floor to aiding the engineering department.

What is the most incredible project you have worked on or wish to work on (nuclear industry related)? Sumps and suction lines at Hinckley point which we have just finished installation of the first unit. Darchem did an excellent job completing to a high quality standard under high pressure from the customer to get the project finished asap.

What are you hobbies outside of work? Running, cycling and swimming when I get chance around work!