Big data in Nuclear - Daniel Braund

The NI Cumbria Branch was delighted to host a webinar on 23rd September presented by Daniel Braund on Big Data and its Application in Nuclear. Topics such as AI/ML, Digital Twins and Data Mining for analytics were covered, with an accessible and incredibly entertaining presenting style from Dan. Despite having a degree in Computer Science and over a decade of experience with software development, simulation, data science and operational research modelling, Dan was able to explain a relatively complex series of topics in relatable terms for the branch and our attendees. There was discussion around the future, potential future trends and impacts as well as some of the current limitations and the NI Cumbria Branch would like to extend their warm thanks and appreciation to Dan. Dan also gave a mini pitch during the Go Digital Conference and the link to his full webinar on Big Data and its Application to the Real World can be found here

Daniel Braund Big Data