Central England


YGN Speaking Competition - Central England Branch

Central England Branch held its YGN Speaking Competition by webinar this week - on Wednesday 27th May. The competition was a great success with over 60 attendees who joined for the following talks: 

  • The Weird World of Nuclear Materials – Samuel Thompson, Orano Projects Ltd;
  • Learning from the Canadian Nuclear Waste Management Organisation – Thomas Reilly, Radioactive Waste Management;
  • Numerical modelling to support construction of a nuclear waste repository at Olkiluoto, Finland – Kyle Mosley, Jacobs;
  • Accreditation: Translating Science for a Courtroom – Alanna Downing, AWE;
  • The Role of Nuclear in Meeting the UK’s 2050 Climate Goals – Adam Gardner, NSG Environmental Ltd.

Every speaker gave an engaging talk on his/her chosen interesting topic. Congratulations goes to Alanna Downing for winning 1st place at the competition. Alanna will now go on to represent Central England Branch at the YGN National Speaking Competition in September 2020. Congratulations also to Samuel Thompson and Thomas Reilly for winning 2nd and 3rd places, respectively. Well done and thanks to all our speakers for participating in this year's competition. 

Thanks also goes to our judges and to specially to Saralyn Thomas (Abbott Risk Consulting) - CEB's Interim YGN Representative, for organising and leading the competition on the night. 

YGN CEB Speaking Competition

 Pictured from top left going clockwise are:

Saralyn Thomas, Alanna Downing, Kyle Mosley, Samuel Thompson, Adam Gardner and Thomas Reilly.