Central England


Putting the spotlight on Remote Handling Systems and their role in the Nuclear world


On Wednesday 22 July, Martin Rayner, Senior Electrical & Electronic Design Engineer of Veolia Nuclear Solutions gave webinar presentation on 'Putting the spotlight on Remote Handling Systems and their role in the Nuclear world'.  This webinar was organised by Central England Branch and was hosted by Mehdi Askarieh, Chairman of CEB.  (Picture to the Right - above Mehdi Askarieh and below Martin Rayner) 

The webinar focused on the concept of Remote Handling Systems and why they have an important place within the Nuclear sector. It first highlighted some of the challenges that are faced today with legacy waste storage facilities within the United Kingdom, where it then placed a spotlight on Remote Handling Systems and how they can and are currently being used to solve these decommissioning dilemmas. An explanation on what defined Remote Handling was provided where it was identified that removing the worker from these hazardous environments while still allowing for the dexterity and tactility one would usually have from using their own hands is a key factor for these types of systems. Factors such as tool selection, control system assistance and visual aids were mentioned as specific methods used to combat the difficulty of operator disconnection that is usually faced with these types of systems but also how they provide opportunities to make certain operations easier. The talk concluded with examples of some Remote Handling Systems which are either in operation now or in active development and emphasised the benefits that these systems could provide if considered more often within the Nuclear sector.