“Progress with Construction & Engineering at Hinkley Point C NPP”

NE Branch’s first webinar was held on 30th June with EDF’s James Fahy giving a fascinating talk on “Progress with Construction & Engineering at Hinkley Point C NPP” 

Over 140 people linked into the session which provided an overview of the progress of Hinkley Point C - currently the largest and most complex construction project in Europe - to build two of the most powerful reactors in the world.

The talk covered some specific aspects of the engineering and nuclear safety duty of major systems and some of the unique features of the EPR design, such as the ability to contain and cool molten fuel in the corium. A focus was given to ensuring topics such as weld inspection to ensure the integrity of such structures is ensured as per design. The role of NE companies in supporting the project – primarily Darchem Engineering – was also highlighted.  

The dynamic approach of the Hinkley Point C project to Covid-19 was also briefly detailed.  

A series of detailed questions demonstrated the interest raised by the talk, to which James ably managed responses.

Picture above right - Hinkley Point C

     James Fahy

      James Fahy - EDF