EU Directive


This route is intended for EU nuclear engineers seeking recognition in order to work in the UK. This route exempts professionally qualified engineers, within the EU, following the NI’s standard qualification process to achieve NI Membership, and registration with the Engineering Council.

The resulting NI professional qualification cannot subsequently be used to gain recognition with another engineering body outside the UK, as it will have been granted on the basis of equivalence of the holder’s original qualification.


Who should apply?

Full details of the eligibility criteria can be found in EU Directive Membership Guidance. If you have any queries whether you meet these criteria, email the Membership Team with your CV and supporting documents via 




How do I apply? 

Complete the EU Directive Membership Form together with the relevant Competence and Commitment form for the grade applied for (forms MF2, MF3 or MF4)) and supporting documents. Please refer to the EU Directive Membership Guidance document when completing your application. Return with the application fee in hard copy to: Membership Team re Application for Member, Nuclear Institute, CK International House, 1 – 6 Yarmouth Place, London, W1J 7BU and soft copy to 

What happens next?

All applications are considered on an individual, case-by-case basis by the NI’s Membership Committee. The NI will confirm that your application is complete or advise you of any missing documents within one month of receipt of your application.   The assessment of your application will not commence until the NI has given you formal acknowledgement that all the necessary documentation and fee has been provided by you.   You are strongly advised to complete the relevant application form as fully as possible and to use its checklist to ensure that all submission requirements are met, in order to avoid a delay with this process.

 The Directive requires that a reasoned decision is given by the NI within four months of the formal acknowledgement outlined above.