NI Digital SIG, 6th December

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Made Smarter

 Information from Craig Hamer, Nuclear AMRC.

 With regards to Made Smarter, it is not explicitly a sector deal for digital manufacturing, but is being considered as Duch. A review was conducted by the head of Siemens, this can be read here:

 This is now being funded through ISCF wave 3, initially to the tune of 121m - there is word this may have increased to 147m.   Plus a pilot to support digital adoption in SMEs in the north west to the tune of £20m.

 Inspection & site license codes

 Information from Craig Hamer, Nuclear AMRC.

 A big part of the work we (Nuclear AMRC) are looking at is changing inspection during manufacture. For example we are looking towards 'in process inspection' in welding, rather than traditional time-consuming NDE approaches. This tech. along with other 'new' technologies we use will have to be proven (de-risking/proving tech is within NAMRCs remit) and this could eventually influence nuclear manufacturing codes(e.g. RCCM/ASME). 

 As a wider scene setting (apologies if this gets confusing!):

INDE ('digital reactor design') is 1 of 6 streams as part of a wider 'Nuclear Innovation Programme'. Another of those streams is 'Advanced Manufacturing and Materials', which is focusing heavily around nuclear manufacturing (mainly lead by NAMRC) with a heavy digital bias. As well as a codes and standards section of work being lead by Wood.

 Brexit and standards - position statement and webinar link

 Information from Duncan Reed, Trimble Solutions

 Here is the BSI Position Statement regarding Brexit.

 Q&A document link here

 The webinar link for the ISO19650 overview link is here