Making Digital Innovation Happen in a Nuclear Environment 2019

Making Digital Innovation Happen in a Nuclear Environment (4)

The governments Industrial strategy includes over £1bn investment of public funds to boost the UK digital infrastructure, this supports sector deals that have so far been rolled out in support of Life Sciences, Construction, Artificial Intelligence, Automotive and Nuclear sectors – all of which are interlinked in their increased utilisation and reliance on advanced manufacturing techniques, digital technology, data management  and connectivity to enable smart, efficient and effective operations, to ensure that in a changing world market, the UK remains competitive and a world leader during the 4th Industrial revolution.

 The UK nuclear industry has a significant contribution to make to the UK's future secure and low carbon energy mix.   To support this and ensure Nuclear remains competitive and viable against other low carbon technologies, the Nuclear Sector Deal sets out a vision for the UK that is predicated on reducing the cost of New Build Projects by 30% by 2030 whilst also achieving a 20% reduction in the costs of decommissioning compared to current estimates.   This event will bring nuclear professionals from across the nuclear life cycle, together with digital experts and technology providers to consider the latest insights on the practical application of digital technology and techniques in support of lean operation in a regulated environment.  The conference aims to provide both practical advice and inspiration to enable delegates to improve digital utilisation and adoption now and in their future operations where-ever, they sit across the nuclear life-cycle.

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