How to Apply

The NI Apprenticeship Programme Approval process is designed to approve apprenticeship programmes that develop and assess the candidate’s occupational skills along with their ability to apply these skills and to work effectively in a nuclear context.

Approval of a Apprenticeship Programmes delivered in a nuclear context considers the component parts holistically to be assured that apprentices successfully completing the programme have:

  • Met the requirements of their apprenticeship
  • Demonstrated that they can apply their skills effectively and safely in a nuclear context
  • Satisfied the technician grade requirements for membership of the Nuclear Institute, including the applicable standards for professional registration, e.g. Eng Tech

The approval provides a streamlined method of registration for those on the scheme as meeting the requirements of the Nuclear Institute Technician Membership and as appropriate preparation for professional registration as Engineering Technician. This can be seen in the flow chart below. Once a completed application is received, a standard process to approval takes around two months.

Flowchart for approved apprenticeship schemes

To apply, please download and complete an application form.

For assistance with the application form, please read the guidance document.

**If you are an individual who has completed one of the NI approved apprenticeship schemes and would like to apply for membership using the streamlined route, please complete this application form. Please note you will also need to complete form PAF 10 with the applicants details.