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A better world of work in UK nuclear

Recently we have all been forced to think carefully about the Future of Work and have accelerated changes in the workplace, reviewed how we interact with the workforce and reconsidered what we mean by work itself and its role in our lives.

The impact of the COVID crisis will be one of the most significant issues affecting the industry for the foreseeable future and over time the implications of COVID 19 will continue to influence the way we work to a lesser extent, but there will always be a future of Work. 

This future is likely to be one of technological enhancement by robotics, Artificial Intelligence and automation, and one with greater levels of remote and flexible working, with implications for how we train, recruit and lead the workforce of the future. This, along with changes in individual expectations of life balance and the role of work, will heighten our awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion, culture, trust, emotional security and physical and mental wellbeing. 

The NI Future of Work SIG will be a forum for reimagining that future, for sharing thought leadership and good practice from within the industry and beyond, to help members navigate the uncertainty and make decisions that bring about a better working world

  • To envisage a better world and a future in which our members and our industry will flourish
  • To harness the creativity, activity and innovation catalysed by COVID 19 capture learning, sustain positive activity in future and accelerate existing Future of Work initiatives
  • To equip members with the knowledge and information to adapt to the rapidly changing working environment, to embrace technology and innovation and to engage with the workforce on a human level to truly understand motivations and expectations

Terms of Reference    Future of Work - June

If you would like to find out more, please email fowsig@nuclearinst.com