Decommissioning Spotlights: Transport

Transport webinar - decomm spotlights (2) 

Decommissioning Spotlights: Transport

Date: Tuesday 29th September
Time: 11am 

The YGN are delighted to announce that our next webinar series, “Decommissioning Spotlights”, will be organised in collaboration with the newly formed NDA Industry Partner Steering Committee. The series will run throughout the month of September and aims to put the spotlight on each organisation that is part of the NDA Group.

The last webinar of the series will take place on 11am, 29th September and will focus on Transport. This topic completely focusses on how this part of our industry supports all aspects of decommissioning and will have talks from:

  1. 1. Peter Buchan – INS Operations Director: discussing the over arching role of INS
  2. 2. Byron Whalley – PNTL 2nd Officer: discussing shipping nuclear cargo across the world
  3. 3. Andy Milling – INS: presenting on progress of decommissioning of the Oceanic Pintail
  4. 4. Martin Porter – Secretary General for the Wold Nuclear Transport Institution: explaining the role of WNTI and what it does

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  • Tue 29 Sep 2020
  • Tue 29 Sep 2020
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