Culture and its impact on project delivery

Does “culture eat strategy for breakfast”?

On Thursday 29th July, the APM/NI Nuclear PM SIG is hosting a roundtable webinar to discuss an often forgotten and underestimated aspect of delivering complex projects and programmes in the nuclear industry: culture.

Is culture linked to avoidable costs that are part of the “nuclear premium”? If the quote from management guru Peter Drucker is right, do we talk enough about culture in the context of project/programme delivery?

At this webinar we will hear from key industry experts, who will share their thoughts on the impact culture has on project/programme delivery, debate how it helps and/or hinders the success of our programmes, and explore how or if we should be focusing and shifting the culture of our delivery teams from culture change experts.

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  • Thu 29 Jul 2021
  • Thu 29 Jul 2021
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