Big Data and its Application to the Real World

Big datat and its application to the real world

There is a lot of hype around Big Data and running mates like AI/ML, Digital Twins, Smart Cities and the promise of better insight from analytics via Data Mining. It’s important to understand the underpinnings and cut through some of the marketing jargon. This talk will cover history, issues and benefits of Big Data thinking, its application in the infrastructure and social fields, potential future trends and impacts, as well as a discussion about the things it can’t do (yet?).

Presenting: Daniel Braund works in the Corporate Planning team at Sellafield Ltd. With a Comp Sci degree, and over a decade of experience with software development, simulation, data science and operational research modelling, he is helping Sellafield Ltd roll out new techniques to manage and exploit data to make the whole life cycle of facilities from design through decommissioning safer, faster and cheaper.

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  • Wed 23 Sep 2020
  • Wed 23 Sep 2020
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