Branch Activities

What do we do in the South East?

The NI South East Branch (NI SE) organises a range of activities from educational site visits to regional YGN Speaking Competitions. Since last year, we have introduced new events such as networking evenings and specialised nuclear-related lectures.

When possible, the NI South East Branch endeavours to make slides and presentation from our local branch available to our members after the event. From 2016 you will now be able to access these on the NISE website - just click here or visit

Below is the list of events we hold every year:

Educational Site Visits

The site visit has been a signature event of NI SE since we were established. About 2-3 times a year, we organise visits to selected nuclear-related facilities or organisations, mostly in the South East region. At least once every 2 years, NI SE aims to organise a visit outside of the UK. Below are examples of our past site visits:

-     Flamanville Power Stations and La Hague Reprocessing Plant (in France)

-     Sizewell B Power Station

-     Dungeness B Power Station

-     Sizewell A Magnox Station

-     ISIS Neutron Source and Diamond Light Source, Harwell

-     JET at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE)

-     The Welding Institute (TWI)

Featuring in the Annual Big Bang South East day

NI SE features in the regional South East Big Bang event to promote nuclear science to students aged between 9 -19. Apart from presenting NI learning and marketing materials, we also use our choices of test rigs and simulations to stimulate the interest and learning of students visiting our stand.

Specialised Lecture in Nuclear-related topic

NI SE aims to organise at least one specialised lecture each year and works with a host company to produce the lecture on a chosen nuclear-related topic. The most recent lecture we organised was on the “Technical Challenge for Nuclear Insurance” given by subject matter experts from NRI (Nuclear Risk Insurance).

YGN Regional Speaking Competition (jointly with NI London Branch)

This is the regional annual competition with 6 finalist speakers invited to give an oral presentation on their chosen topics (extensively on energy areas inc. Nuclear). The winner of this competition goes to compete with winners from other NI branches in the National YGN Speaking Competition.

Networking Evening (jointly with NI London Branch)

Up to twice a year, NI SE collaborates with the Nuclear Institute London Branch in organising a Networking Evening to provide a platform for Nuclear Professionals in the South East and London region to network and socialise. Our guests are not only limited to the NI members in our regions.

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