Aproved Schemes

Through the Nuclear Institute's collaboration with NSAN, the industry's common professional standard the Nuclear Delta® is applied to both Nuclear Institute professional body membership and to joint NI/NSAN approval of training and professional development programmes, including apprenticeships. After a thorough review against the relevant criteria, the following programmes and apprenticeship schemes have been approved against these, and provide a streamlined method of membership.

The following apprenticeship schemes have achieved joint NI and NSAN approval within the nuclear sector against Nuclear Institute Membership and Engineering Technician registration:

Sellafield Ltd

Sellafield Limited

Technical Specialist Training Scheme

Advanced Level Craft Apprenticeship Schemes in

  • Advanced Apprenticeship Mechanical Fitter
  • Advanced Apprenticeship Electrical and Instrument (E&I) Maintainer
  • Advanced Apprenticeship Fabricator
  • Advanced Apprenticeship Welder 
  • Advanced Apprenticeship Machinist
  • Advanced Apprenticeship Pipe Fitter 

Advanced Level Design Apprenticeship Schemes in

  • Electrical Design
  • Mechanical Design

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 Springfields Limited

Advanced Apprenticeship Programmes in;

  • Engineering Maintenance Technician (Mechanical)
  • Engineering Maintenance Technician (Electrical)
  • Engineering Maintenance Technician (Instruments and Controls)
  • Fabrication Technician Apprenticeship, Welding Technician Apprenticeship
  • Machinist Technician Apprenticeship.

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 Nuvia Limited

Advanced Apprenticeship in Engineering Design

For those completing approved apprenticeship schemes,  the requirements of the Nuclear Institute Technician Membership and professional registration as Engineering Technician have been met, and a streamlined application method** is available.


Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (UKAEA/CCFE)

 Advanced Apprenticeships in;

  • Mechanical Maintenance
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Engineering Technical Support
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The following programmes schemes have achieved full or partial endorsement* against the Nuclear Delta®:

 The Certificate of Nuclear Professionalism


The certificate is a higher educational programme designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills required for working within the nuclear industry. It has been developed by the National Skills Academy for Nuclear (NSAN) and The Open University, with involvement from industry and higher education ensuring that it meets the needs of the nuclear sector.

Nuclear Technology Education Consortium

NTEC bw high quality

*For endorsed programmes, certain requirements of Nuclear Institute membership have been met. Please contact your programme contact or the Membership Team to find out which requirements have been endorsed and which you will need to demonstrate in your application.

**If you are an individual who has completed one of the NI approved apprenticeship schemes and would like to apply for membership using the streamlined route, please complete this application form. Please note you will also need to complete form PAF 10 with the applicants details.