Politics is More Difficult than Physics; How communities can engage in the process to site a Geological Disposal Facility

Lecture Synopsis: “Politics is More Difficult than Physics” - Albert Einstein, Princeton, 1946Geological Disposal forms the basis of Government policy for the management of higher activity radioactive waste. A geological disposal facility (GDF) is a series of underground vaults and tunnels which will prevent radioactivity from reaching the surface in levels that could cause harm. New policies have been published on how communities can engage in the siting process for a GDF and this talk will look at: how communities have engaged in previous siting processes; consider some of the reasons why a facility hasn’t been built yet; and look forward to how RWM will work with willing communities to identify a suitable site for a GDF in the UK.

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NuFor – Nuclear Forensics

Nuclear Forensics (NuFor) is a new 2-day technical conference being held in July 2019.

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Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre Tour (NAMRC) North East Branch

The visit to see both the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Centre and the Factory 2050 is a unique opportunity to both view the state of the art in manufacturing facilities for the Nuclear Industry and one of the most advanced factories in the world. See now what the impact digitalisation on manufacturing will be for the future. This visit will be ideal for any young person engaged in either the Nuclear Industry or manufacturing in any form as the latest industrial revolution (Industry 4.0 as some call it) will be part of their life.

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