The Nuclear Sector Deal

This online event is being hosted by the Midlands branch

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Scotland Branch Membership and Chartership Evening

 An online workshop providing advice on applying for membership and professional registration with the Nuclear Institute

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Could Nuclear Modelling Techniques Help the National Efforts to Combat Covid-19?

  “Over many decades nuclear scientists and engineers have developed advanced techniques for modelling the behaviour of nuclear reactors under normal operation and accident conditions. These techniques have also been extended to other nuclear facilities and systems such as; decommissioning, nuclear and waste processing. Much of the phenomenology is analogous to the spread of a virus during a pandemic. For instance, the neutron multiplication factor in a nuclear reactor, k-effective, is in many ways analogous to the Reproduction Number (RO) in a pandemic. The transport of fission products on aerosols resulting from a nuclear reactor severe accident has many similarities with the spread of a virus on airborne aerosols. The presenters will explore such similarities and how the advanced modelling techniques developed in the nuclear industry can contribute to the simulation of the spread of a virus during a pandemic.”

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