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Cumbria Branch Activities

The NI Cumbria Branch carry out a range of activities including public lecture programmes, site visits and education activities. We also pride ourselves on our excellent annual dinner which is always well attended and a highlight on the local calendar.

Here is a list of our repeat events throughout the year:

Annual Lecture Programme

Our annual lecture programme aims to deliver a wide range of topics in order to keep local members of the public and industry informed on current developments within the industry. We aim to pick a range of topics both technical and non-technical in nature with particular interest to developments here in Cumbria.

Annual Seminar

Our annual seminar is a one off event which brings together leading organisations and patrons from across the industry to discuss cutting edge developments in the nuclear decommissioning and waste management programme.

Student Bursary Competition

Our Annual Student Bursary Competition aims to give a help support a local student with their studies in a STEM related subject at University as well as providing an opportunity for students to gain valuable public speaking experience.

Annual Dinner

The branch annual dinner is the showcase nuclear industry networking event in Cumbria. With over 200 attendees this event provides the opportunity to network with a range of individuals and organisations from across the industry.

Site Technical Visits

Periodically the Nuclear Institute Cumbria Branch is able to organise site technical visits which allow us to share learning and knowledge between the hosting organisation and our visitors. Recent visits have included BAE Systems submarine construction facilities at Barrow-in-Furness.

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