About the Scotland Branch

The Scotland Branch of the NI was established on 25th October 2005, and its Inaugural Meeting was held on 28th February 2006.

Since then evening meetings have been held  roughly every 2 or 3 months.  It is planned to continue with this pattern of meetings, selecting topics of particular relevance to current interests, work prospects and energy strategies.

We aim to further the aims and objectives of our parent institute and help the Nuclear Institute to be the leading "Learned Society" for Nuclear Energy, in its totality, to lead and facilitate a clearer understanding of the nuclear industry.

Memberships of NI from the Scotland region is growing steadily so we take this opportunity to encourage those of you who have not yet joined to do so and also to encourage your friends and colleagues to join.

The fee is only £70 per annum, and for this you receive the NI bi-monthly Journal 'Nuclear Future', advice on events throughout the country, discounts on event fees and opportunities to meet with other members through branch meetings and other events.  Further information on the NI can be found by clicking on the link on the homepage.

The Scotland Branch is run by a committee of volunteers who are shown below.  For more information on each of our committee members please see the committee profile section.

 Name Role Company
Alan Ruiz Chairman Amec Foster Wheeler
Jamie McDonald Treasurer Amec Foster Wheeler
Michael Greenshields Secretary Amec Foster Wheeler
Peter Mills Committee member Retired
Anders Hansen  Committee member Risktec
James Hoyland  Committee member EDF Energy
Alan McGill Committee member DSRL
Katie Paterson Committee member Doosan Babcock