Branch Committee

Paragraphs of Fame

Suksun Hutangkabodee (Chairperson)


I am originally from Thailand and came to UK about 16 years ago for further studies. I have obtained my PhD in Vehicle-Terrain Interactions from King’s College London and was involved in research and teachings right after.

I am now working in Project Controls department at EDF Energy for the Nuclear New Build project (Hinkley Point C or HPC). My main responsibility is to manage “Commissioning” and “Pre-Operations” parts of HPC overall schedule. I have joined EDF Energy since 2010 and been working on the HPC project since 2011.

My first role on NI SE committee was the “YGN Officer”. Back then, I was responsible for organising the very first branch’s YGN Speaking Competition in 2011. I then moved to the “Secretary” role for 1-2 years before taking on the “Chairperson” position since. I am aspired to improve NI SE in all aspects while supporting my committee colleagues in making the most out of their opportunities with NI SE. 

Mike Peach (Secretary)

I am a Chartered Nuclear Engineer with 25 years spent in the design, commissioning and operation of UK gas cooled reactors. With NNC I helped commission the Dungeness B and Heysham 2/Torness reactors, planning and carrying physics tests and essential systems testing. In operation I was Reactor Physicist and Operations Manager at Dungeness B, and also undertook corporate roles in safety assessment and business review with British Energy.

I am currently Technical Manager with Nuclear Risk Insurers Ltd, a specialist insurer of nuclear facilities worldwide.

I firmly believe that nuclear power is a key part of the energy mix for the 21st century and that the UK will benefit greatly from replacing existing stations and rebuilding its capability in nuclear engineering.

James Cooke (Treasurer)

I graduated from Imperial College London with a degree in Chemical with Nuclear Engineering in 2010.  I joined Pöyry Energy Ltd and was seconded to the safety case branch of EDFs Nuclear New Build (NNB) project where I worked mainly on site characterisation and external hazards for the proposed Hinkley Point C (HPC) EPR.  I joined Corporate Risk Associates (CRA) in 2013 where, along with my colleague and fellow NI committee member Hugh Stephenson, I have specialised in Probabilistic Safety Analysis (PSA).  While at CRA I have mainly worked on Dungeness B, using PSA to model how proposed modifications to the plant and operations affect risk before they are made, this enables all changes to be optimised to allow for the greatest decrease in station risk.  In addition to work on Dungeness I have recently been working with EPR designers in Paris analysing the design and potential modifications for the proposed HPC EPR, and helping write the safety case for supporting systems.

Robin Carter (Industrial Liaison)

R Carter photo

I graduated from Bangor University with an honours degree in Marine Biology with Chemical Oceanography back in 1991 and subsequently completed an MSc in Environmental Diagnostics at Cranfield.  My career then developed in the contaminated land sector, starting in lab services and moving rapidly on to consultancy where I worked my way up to management of contaminated land and decommissioning projects. My main roles were site investigation management, risk assessment, remediation design and contract management for a wide range of redundant industrial, commercial and MOD facilities. I worked in this field for 15 years before moving into the nuclear sector, when my nuclear ‘baptism of fire’ included a fascinating week’s training in the control room simulator for the Trillo PWR plant.  My role is now to promote Idom’s engineering consultancy services to the UK and European nuclear sector.  This job has some synergies with my role as the Southeast Branch Industry Liaison Officer, as I spend a lot of time talking to nuclear sector businesses in the UK and this presents opportunities to promote the interests of the Branch.  Having joined the NISE committee when living in Kent, I now live in the Peak District with my wife, two sons and two adventurous cats called Luna and Biggles.

Thazi Edwards (Supporting Industrial Liaison)


I am 26 years old, born and bred in London (Harrow to be exact). I studied a masters in Chemical Engineering (including nuclear studies) at Imperial College, graduating in 2012. Since completing the masters I began my career working in the Oil and Gas industry for a technical safety & risk consultancy called Monaco Engineering Solutions – MES. Following a year working in this small consultancy I decided to join an accredited graduate program working in London in a less specialised field, this being power distribution. I have now been working for UK Power Networks for 2.5 years with the Innovation team dealing in smart grids and low carbon network projects, my role largely focusing on project management. My excitement towards energy markets and generation has continued throughout post graduate life and most particularly in the nuclear industry.

I am also passionate about outdoor activities such as climbing, snowsports, travelling (I have family originating in Indonesia and New Zealand) as well as music (currently recording an EP).

Hugh Stephenson (Event Officer)

Hugh (Cheesy pic)

I am 33 years old, and live with my wife and two children in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.  From an early age, and following my father’s footsteps, was interested in how things work (and break!); particularly anything with wheels.  At sixteen I left the local grammar school to study a BTEC National Diploma in General Engineering (in place of the traditional ‘A Level’ route), before taking Automotive Systems Engineering Design at Kingston University from which I graduated in 2005 with a first class honours degree.

I joined my current employer, Corporate Risk Associates (CRA), as a graduate consultant in the summer of 2006.  CRA is a safety, risk and reliability consultancy providing bespoke services to safety-critical industries, mainly Nuclear.  My specialism is in Nuclear Probabilistic Safety Analysis (PSA), which involves developing and maintaining complex linked fault and event tree models that allow numerical estimation of the risk to the public arising from generating nuclear power.  The output from such models is used by our clients such as EDF Energy to help demonstrate to the regulator (ONR) that the risk from operation is as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).  As well as all aspects of PSA, I have also been involved in a range of traditional deterministic safety case projects for both existing and new Nuclear Power Plants.

Outside of work I enjoy the gym and swimming, live and recorded music, riding motorbikes, driving fast cars, and ‘tinkering’ of course.

Emily Ford (E&T Officer)


I graduated in 2013 with a BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering with a year in industry at Sizewell B before returning to EDF Energy on the graduate scheme. I am currently working within Design Engineering at Dungeness B Power Station where I am involved in several fire safety case improvement modifications whilst working towards my charter ship with the IMechE.

My first involvement with the NI was back in 2012, whilst on placement, when I attended the Flamanville and La Hauge trip. Later that year I assisted in organising the Sizewell B visit. I have been a STEM ambassador since 2010, organising and attending events across the country and more recently supporting the Dungeness B visitors centre and other local events.

I was born in Ashford where I went to primary school before moving to Ipswich in 2001. I recently moved into my own home in Ashford but regularly return to Ipswich to visit my family and friends.

Sarah E Hendley (Membership & Communication Officer)

Sarah Hendley

I graduated in 2013 with an MChem in Chemistry from the University of Manchester. I then entered into the nucleargraduates scheme which I recently completed in October. After taking a short break to do a bit of travelling I have now taken up a permanent position with Magnox at Bradwell Site in the Waste Team.  Whilst on the graduate scheme I completed placements across a number of sites and companies including Magnox, LLWR, EnergySolutions and Cavendish Nuclear. My placements were primarily based around waste management to provide relevant experience for my current role.

I am working towards chartership with the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and becoming an Radioactive Waste Advisor (RWA).  Having participated in a lot of YGN events during my time at nucleargraduates I thought joining the committee would give me the opportunity to continue my involvement.

George Dickie (YGN Officer)

I graduated from the Newcastle University with a degree in Chemistry in 2007.  I then joined the British Energy (now EDF graduate training scheme completing attachments at Hartlepool, Torness, Heysham 2 and the central technical support function in Barnwood, Gloucester.  On completion of the graduate training scheme in 2009 I took on a role in the central technical support function with responsibilities for radioactive waste management across the fleet.  In Novemeber 2014 I joined the NNB GenCo Environment team as the spent fuel and radioactive waste specialist.  I am progressing towards becoming a radioactive waste advisor (RWA) and am also a member of the royal society of chemistry (RSC).  I took on the role of YGN officer to contribute towards raising the profile and understanding of the nuclear industry with young people as I see this as critical to maintaining the public’s confidence in the industry and successfully delivering the resurgence of nuclear power in the UK.  I am originally from York and currently living in south west London.  In my spare time enjoy playing 5 a side football, tennis and golf.