Engineering Technician

The Nuclear Institute holds a licence from the Engineering Council to register professionals as Engineering Technicians:

Engineering Technicians (EngTechs) solve practical engineering problems. They are professionals with supervisory or technical responsibility, and apply safe systems of working. They contribute to the design, development, manufacture, commissioning, decommissioning, operation or maintenance of products, equipment, processes or services.


  • Recognition of your expertise and hard work
  • Self-esteem
  • Higher earnings potential
  • Improved career prospects
  • Greater influence within your organisation and industry
  • Access to life-long learning resources
  • Letters after your name, eg J.Smith EngTech


The EngTech professional registration is open to anyone who can demonstrate the required professional competences and commitment (see Form MF4)UK-SPEC provides details of the competence required for EngTech registration.


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The Nuclear Institute expects Chartered Engineers to maintain a CPD record to maintain their registration.

Download the Nuclear Institute CPD policy