SDF Vision and Mission


Nuclear Operators working together with key stakeholders to drive a safe, secure, environmentally responsible and enduring UK Nuclear Industry


The Safety Directors’ Forum is a voluntary organisation whose primary objectives are to

  1. Provide guidance to support design, construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning of the UK’s nuclear facilities is conducted safely, securely and with care for the environment
  2. Work together to drive continuous improvement in the safety, security and environmental standards applied across the UK’s nuclear industry
  3. Work together to ensure proportional and cost effective approaches to safety, security and environmental performance are developed
  4. Work together to inform and influence Government Policy and regulatory approaches to ensure they are proportionate to the risks

 The SDF will achieve the above by:

  1. Ensuring the SDF has a membership which is competent and can effectively represent all life cycle phases and operational aspects of the UK Nuclear Industry.
  2. Ensuring individual Members have the authority to take appropriate decisions on behalf of their organisation
  3. Developing advice, good practice, Nuclear Industry Codes of Practice, reference databases or other tools for the consideration of those involved in the design, construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning of nuclear facilities in the UK
  4. Driving excellence in HSSSEQ performance by various methods including the sharing of learning, the sharing of best and good practice, benchmarking etc.
  5. Providing support to member organisations (eg advise, information, technical expertise, resources)
  6. Performing structured strategic reviews, involving key stakeholders, and thus identifying key issues facing the industry. Prioritising such issues and leading the development of solutions
  7. Establishing subject matter expert sub groups to advise the SDF / the industry and propose solutions to key strategic issues facing the industry. To operate an appropriate governance regime over the sub groups
  8. Maintaining an effective website
  9. Ensuring the SDF is operated efficiently and effectively which includes engaging effectively with Regulators and DECC
  10. Ensuring commercial considerations do not restrict the achievement of the SDF’s vision.

Endorsed on behalf of the Safety Directors Forum

A R Brandwood
Chair UK Nuclear Industry Safety Directors Forum

June 2014

For a PDF version of the Vision and Mission, click here.