This area contains documents that can be accessed by the Board of Trustees, Membership and Branch committees. Please note you must be logged in to access this information. 

Volunteers Handbook

The Nuclear Institute provides a Volunteer Handbook for the use of all individuals who volunteer with the NI regarding requirements, internal processes, and helpful hints and tips. 

Events & Meetings Calendar

This is an internal online calendar for NI events and meeting planning for NI staff, members and volunteers.

Marketing Materials

Branch chairs can view this page to retrieve marketing materials such as Branch logos and NI branding.

Branch Docs

This area contains minutes of branch meetings and branch chair reports which have been submitted to the NIHQ.

Individual branch documents such as presentations are available through the dedicated branch websites where applicable. Documents can be added to this page for reference by emailing

Membership Committee

Members of the membership committee will find materials in this section relating to assessments for membership and chartership as well as interview procedures and advice. Registration forms and information regarding Nuclear Delta requirements can also be found here.

Board of Trustees Documents

Members of the Board of Trustee can access materials in this section relating to quartelry meetings. 

Bye Laws