Learned Membership

Learned Membership Grades

Non-professionals can become members of the Nuclear Institute too. All learned grades of membership do not require formal professional qualifications and are open to anyone with an interest in the nuclear industry.

There are two grades of learned membership with the NI:

 Associate icon

Associate of NI

Associates of the NI enjoy access to NI Branch support, discounted rates from NI events, conferences, and dinners, and also receive free copies of the Nuclear Institute journal Nuclear Future.

Associate membership also provides a great way for graduates and people in the early stages of their careers to get a foothold in the industry with membership of the NI Young Generation Network (YGN).

Affiliate icon

Affiliate of NI

Students and apprentices can take advantage of a special discounted rate of membership by becoming an Affiliate of NI. Affiliates receive the same great benefits as Associates with the exception of the Nuclear Future journal for an annual £20 fee for each year of study.

To become a member of the NI under our learned grades of membership simply fill out your personal details on the application form through the link below and choose the method of payment most convenient to you.

Register to become an Associate or Affiliate of the Nuclear Institute