Apprenticeship Approval

Joint Programme Approval with the National Skills Academy for Nuclear (NSAN)

Professional registration is established as a normal outcome of apprenticeship training. Employers are developing new apprenticeships and expect professional registration as the norm.

With exciting developments in this area, including the apprenticeship reform and introduction of Trailblazers and expansion of Higher Apprenticeships with progression pathway to higher level skills, now more than ever it is key to demonstrate the links between your apprentices and nuclear professionalism.

Recognising the importance of developing, maintaining and recognising high standards of nuclear professional practice in the sector, the NI have formed a close collaboration with employer membership body NSAN. Through this collaboration a common professional standard known as the Nuclear Delta is applied to both Nuclear Institute professional body membership and to joint NI/NSAN approval of training and professional development programmes, including apprenticeships. By applying a common, independently defined standard (the Nuclear Delta) to programme approval and to individual professional recognition, we are enabling a shared, sector wide framework for developing nuclear professionalism. This can be applied at an organisational and individual level. 

The Apprenticeship Programme Approval Process has been jointly developed by NI and NSAN and enjoys the support of the employer members of NSAN. The approval process is implemented by the NI through their expert volunteer base who are registered Engineering and/or Science professionals. Formal programme approval decisions are ratified by the NI Membership Committee. In light of this industry recognition, applicant organisations are expected to be employer members of NSAN.

Benefits of this process to employers include;

• Promoting independent standards of nuclear professionalism
• industry wide standards for entry
• recognising qualifications and competence gained in work as achieved in the nuclear context
• recognising apprentices as a part of the nuclear profession from the outset
• independent codes of ethical conduct
• Requirements for on-going CPD

Benefits of this process to your employees include;

• Proving they can apply your skills in the highly demanding nuclear context
• Joining a community of nuclear professionals
• Accessing nuclear specific professional development
• Supporting career progression, demonstrating commitment to continuous update of skills

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Ensuring a Professional Nuclear Workforce for the Future

The crucial period for encouraging EngTech and professional registration among aspiring technicians is during the final stages of their education and apprenticeships, and in the early years of their first full-time jobs. A greater number of professionally registered technicians will help to raise the perception of engineering as a more valuable career. This should increase the pool of talent and boost the quality of engineers in the UK, helping to strengthen the engineering profession’s prospects for long-term stability and sustained growth.

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