Benefits of Professional Registration

Benefits of Nuclear Institute Membership and Engineering Council Registration

  • Membership of the Nuclear Institute enhances nuclear professionalism and verifies high standards of nuclear professional practice. Technical ‘trade’ skills only present half your story – Nuclear Institute membership recognises your significant additional learning, behavioural competencies and skills to work in nuclear. 
  • With membership of the Nuclear Institute, employees gain access to news, knowledge and learning opportunities that help them stay abreast of the latest developments in nuclear and engineering. Registered members and EngTechs also get the chance to network with other nuclear and engineering professionals, helping your business expand its spheres of expertise, and its influence on the world stage.
  • By assisting your employees with membership and registration fees, you will be helping them become more valuable to your business.
  • Professional registration can support your company’s own training infrastructure by providing a framework for an employee’s ongoing development, making use of structured, and constantly updated, programmes and training tools and services provided by the NI. 
  • It can also provide a practical way to grow talent. EngTech is often the first stepping stone for the most able and committed people within your organisation, who might move on to gain registration as an Incorporated Engineer (IEng) or Chartered Engineer (CEng) as their career develops. Similarly, within the Nuclear Institute, they may progress from Technician to Associate, Member or even Fellow membership.

Demonstrating skills and competence - The Technician membership of the Nuclear Institute and Engineering Technician (EngTech) title demonstrates evidence that your employees have met an internationally recognised standard of engineering skills and experience. It demonstrates that they have gone through a rigorously judged independent assessment of their competence and ongoing commitment to develop themselves as a professional engineering technician. As the EngTech title is independently verified, it cuts through the confusion of differing qualifications. This means it quickly and easily demonstrates that your employees are professionally skilled and competent, giving clients a simple boost of confidence when they are deciding who to pick for their next project.

Benefits to the organisation - Having registered engineers and technicians on your team can give you a competitive edge over your rivals when bidding for new business – and could allow you to charge higher rates. This can also help to satisfy the requirements of independent quality awards and accreditations such as the Quality Management Systems standard ISO 9001:2008. Plus, in the event of a serious incident, employers with NI members and EngTech registered employees have independently assured evidence that their staff are suitably qualified and experienced. This may help reduce insurance rates and provide proof to regulators and investigating authorities that staff meet a professional standard of competence.

Staff morale - Helping your staff to register as an EngTech will have a positive impact on their morale, making them more invested in their career, thereby aiding your staff retention. Giving employees the time to pursue their EngTech application – and the financial benefit of helping them with membership fees of an engineering institution – can be a valuable incentive, showing how much you value their personal investment in their career. And, by helping employees to retain and maximise the use of their EngTech title and engineering institution membership, you’re gaining a more invested, more enthusiastic and – most importantly – more competent Engineering Technician.

Professional pride and career development - Helping your staff achieve EngTech registration shows the value you place on their status, giving them a greater sense of professionalism and pride in the work they do. Your Incorporated Engineers (IEng) and Chartered Engineers (CEng) may be heading up your projects, but making sure that the engineering technicians working on the projects are all registered as EngTech shows that you expect the same professional standards from all your staff – and that they’re all equally valued.

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